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"Thinking Out Loud" is a public affairs radio program that airs on WUML (91.5 FM), weekday mornings from nine o'clock until 11:00 am (Tu-Th) or noon (M,F). Its first program aired on Wednesday, August 19, 1998. Planning and technical training started in June 1998. One hour segments of the program are in Khmer and Laotian and serve the various ethnic communities in the Lowell area. Other parts of the program bring you underreported news and underserved opinions in English. Previoous programming in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese have been suspended until further notice
The subject matter covered falls into three broad categories: the community, the workplace and the environment. These subjects coincide with the focus of at least two of the university's departments as well as a number of the University's centers and projects. Among those departments and centers are the:

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